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Where you can get Free WiFi across San Francisco

location_citySan Francisco WiFi

Are you visiting San Francisco and looking for Free WiFi? It seems you are in the right place to find many options. #SFWiF is the name of the network Free Wireless Internet Access, which allows people to connect to open WiFi for free across the city. This network involves the whole Market Street, Civic Center, Alamo Square, Mission Dolores Park areas and part of Corona Heights Park. However, there are risks related to security, as it is also made clear in the Terms and Conditions of the service, and WiFi does not always work inside the buildings. No personal data are required to access Free WiFi.

account_balanceSan Francisco Downtown Free WiFi

You might need WiFi access in San Francisco, while you are out and about. In this case the best solution is to move towards the downtown where it will be easier to find open WiFi. Market Street is the main street of San Francisco that stretches over 3 miles and passes through the city connecting the most populated neighborhoods. Google has paid more than $600,000 in 2013 to make Free WiFi available for all the citizens in city playgrounds, parks, recreation centers and plazas. We also suggest you to download the Wiman App, which makes the access to Free WiFi easy and fast, since it seamlessly connects your smartphone to the best WiFi hotspot around you without you doing anything.

nature_peopleParks with Free WiFi Hotspots in San Francisco

Google is "proud to provide free Wi-Fi in San Francisco, a city where thousands of its employees work and live" said Veronica Bell, Ex Google Senior Manager for Public Policy and Government Relations, to the Chronicle in July 24, 2013. "We hope that free Wi-Fi will be a resource that the city and other local groups will be able to use in their efforts to bridge the digital divide and make their community stronger." In particular, Google worked to make the WiFi available in the parks. Some of the parks equipped with WiFi are: Balboa Park, Crocker Amazon Playground, Richmond Recreation Center and Marina Green. Among those recommended, there are: Civic Center Plaza, Glen Park and Mission Dolores Park.

local_activitySan Francisco Cultural Sites Free WiFi

The best places to find WiFi may often correspond to the places of cultural interest. California Academy of Sciences, the famous Alcatraz Island, Asian Art Museum and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) are some examples of cultural sites in which there is Free WiFi coverage. Thanks to Wiman WiFi maps, you can also find out all the points of interest of the city covered with Free WiFi and never give up the connection when you travel around.

local_cafeBusinesses which offer Free Hotspots in San Francisco

Today most of businesses - shops, cafés, restaurants, food chains, etc. - provide Free WiFi to customers, but the connection process is not always so fast. Usually, before surfing the Internet, you have to register with your personal data (mainly for advertising reasons) or ask the business owner for a WiFi password. The Wiman App can be a very useful solution while traveling, since it simplifies WiFi access by auto-connecting your smartphone to the best open WiFi around you, wherever you are, and gives you unlimited WiFi.

hotelSan Francisco Hotels with Free WiFi

Usually hotels offer WiFi among the other services, but very often they ask for an additional fee with an average of about $10 per day, even if in the lobby the WiFi is usually free. Sometimes you can connect after signing up with your personal data, especially when you are tourist and look for WiFi hotspots in your accommodation. Most of hotels do that for profiling customers. Otherwise, they may decide to provide them with a WiFi password or leave the WiFi network open. In the last case, WiFi may be unsecure and slow. Tip: Wiman App is an effective solution for finding and connecting to the best Free WiFi hotspots in the area around the hotel without limits!

airplanemode_activeSan Francisco Airport Free WiFi

Are you a tourist looking for free Internet at San Francisco International Airport and you need to go online to get some information to move around in the city? #SFO is the name of the San Francisco International Airport’s WiFi Network, available from 2010. It is pretty much available throughout the airport and it works after you accept the Terms and Conditions from the browser. Free workstations are available throughout the terminals. Users often complain that the connection is slow and automatically drops after 30 minutes surfing.

smartphoneWiman Free WiFi App

The easiest way to find Free WiFi just around you: it seamlessly auto-connects your smartphone to the best WiFi in range and you don’t have to do anything, just having the app installed. Thanks to the huge Wiman Community, made of people who share their own WiFi network and connect to WiFi shared by the other users, you can find other Free WiFi nearby in addition to the open ones. Shared WiFi is certainly tested and working. You can also get the WiFi map of San Francisco when you are online and browse it even offline, in the event that there are no WiFi available just around you. Wiman holds your hand and guides you through the whole WiFi research process by enhancing your travel experience!


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