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Where you can get Free WiFi across Chicago

Chicago WiFi

Are you walking around Chicago and looking for Free WiFi? Chicago Wireless Internet Zones (WIZ) affects various locations throughout the city, in which you can find Free WiFi hotspots. These free public wireless networks are promoted by the city of Chicago for the development of wireless technology.

Another option to get the Wireless Internet while moving across the city is XFINITY WIFI, a service which has no extra costs for those who subscribe to an Internet contract.

WiFi Networks in Chicago Downtown

Are you walking around Chicago and you need WiFi in order to get some information for your stay? In the downtown, perhaps near Madison Square or some points of interest (The Field Museum of Natural History, Rosemont Theatre, Al Sadiq Mosque, Philip H. Sheridan Statue, Museum of Science and Industry Chicago, York Theater, Rockefeller Memorial Chapel), it will be easier to find open WiFi because Wireless Internet Zones are available in various public places of the city, including all 79 public library locations. Did you know that Wiman App offers the opportunity to enjoy Free WiFi anywhere, anytime? Furthermore, it allows you to get the WiFi map of Chicago when you are online and browse it even offline, in the event that there are no WiFi available just around you.

Chicago Airport Free WiFi

Are you a tourist looking for free Internet in Chicago at O’Hare International Airport or Midway International Airport and you need to go online to get some information to move around in the city? Thanks to an agreement with an Internet WiFi services provider, these airports ensure travelers a Free WiFi access, although with limitations: there is a predetermined list of sites to which you can access and others you can not, like Social Networks. Moreover, the Free Internet connection of the airports lasts 30 minutes and travelers have to register and leave their information before getting connected.

Chicago CTA Subway Tubes

Are you visiting Chicago and you are moving around in the city with the subway? Did you know that there is a 4G coverage throughout the underground lines Blue and Red thanks to an agreement between the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) and T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon companies? The reason is to allow people to be able to communicate while moving, as well as upload photos and download city maps. This service requires obviously an Internet contract with the companies who joined the CTA plan.

There is also a quick and easy solution that will be very useful to you when you will exit the metro: Wiman App. It simplifies WiFi access by auto-connecting your smartphone to the best Free WiFi around you and gives you unlimited WiFi anywhere.

Chicago Cultural Sites Free WiFi

Most of times you can find the WiFi in the places of interest. Cultural Center, Daley Plaza (an open-air market which offers Free WiFi and it is part of the WIZ project), Millennium Park and Eastlake view are examples of sites of attraction in which there is WiFi coverage. Moreover, thanks to a sponsorship activity initiated by the Chamber of Commerce of Chicago, two public WiFi hotspots have been installed in Clark Street. The only drawback is that the hotspots are active until October and made available again in the Summer.

Free Internet in Chicago Hotels

Many hotels in Chicago provide Internet connection among the other services, but even if they define it Free WiFi, most of times the service is actually included in the room rate which is about $25 a night on average. Among the main hotels in Chicago which offer WiFi, we mention: Virgin Hotel Chicago, Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, Hilton Downtown Chicago and Palomar Hotel. Tip: Wiman App is an effective solution for finding and connecting to the best WiFi hotspot for free and without limits in the area around the hotel!

Wiman Free WiFi App

The easiest way to find Free WiFi just around you: it seamlessly auto-connects your smartphone to the best WiFi in range and you don’t have to do anything, just having the app installed. Thanks to the huge Wiman Community, made of people who share their own WiFi network and connect to WiFi shared by the other users, you can find other Free WiFi nearby in addition to the open ones. Shared WiFi is certainly tested and working. You can also get the WiFi map of Chicago when you are online and browse it even offline, in the event that there are no WiFi available just around you. Wiman holds your hand and guides you through the whole WiFi research process by enhancing your travel experience!


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