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Where you can get Free WiFi across Rome

Rome WiFi

Are you walking around Rome and looking for Free WiFi? Rome has joined Free Italia WiFi: a public project that provides access to all open WiFi and to public places’ WiFi that have joined it. Hotspots are located in schools, hospitals, shopping centers, small businesses, restaurants etc. The network name is “WiFimetropolitano”. In order to get access to WiFi, you have to open the browser and enter your credentials (Italian mobile phone number is required). The service has currently about 500.000 subscribers. RomaWireless WiFi service provides the WiFi coverage to public places through 1300 hotspots spread across the city. They offer 4 hours of free Internet per day, but you must have an Italian SIM to complete the registration process. Without registration you can only access the institutional websites of Rome.

Free Internet in Rome Hotels

WiFi is available in almost all hotel accommodation of the city. Usually these WiFi networks are protected by password that can be requested upon arrival at check-in. In some cases, registration is required. There are also many B&B offering Free WiFi and they are appreciated by foreigners due to their strategic location. Wiman App is an alternative solution for finding and connecting to the best Rome Free WiFi hotspots in the area around the hotel and it gives you the opportunity to get unlimited WiFi which is crucial while traveling.

Businesses which offer Free Hotspots in Rome

Rome is one of the few Italian cities that has a good WiFi coverage: despite the WiFi is not available in correspondence with the popular places of art like the Sistine Chapel or Vatican Museums, in the nearby hotels, shops and restaurants there are WiFi networks which are often open or, otherwise, require the password.

Rome Airport Free WiFi

Have you just arrived in Rome at Fiumicino Airport or G.B Pastine Ciampino Airport and you need free Internet to get some information to reach the city, download maps or check the hotel reservation? Starting from 2014, you can connect to WiFi at G.B Pastine Ciampino Airport. The connection process consists of selecting the WiFi network AIRPORT FREE WIFI and then you have to register by providing some information. As regards Fiumicino Airport, the access to Free WiFi lasts 30 minutes, after which you have to pay. There are 1000 Access Point overall at the airport.

Rome Railway Station

In Rome railway stations, Free WiFi is available for 15 minutes without registration. There is also the wifistation.it portal which requires registration in order to get access to useful information like: departures and arrivals, shops and services of the station, points of interest near the station and the weather. However, you need an Italian SIM to receive the text message with the confirmation code. Tip: do you want to connect more easily and without limits? Try using Wiman App: it works for you by auto-connecting your smartphone to the best WiFi around you wherever you are.

Free WiFi Rome Subway

Are you a tourist looking for free Internet in Rome and you need to go online to get some information to move around in the city? In Rome's subway there are the AtacWifi hotspots that allow you to surf the web while on the move. These hotspots have been installed on the tram and the terminal and allow Free WiFi one hour per day except for the websites of the public transport and tourist information which can be browsed for unlimited time. However, the lines are few. Wiman App offers the opportunity to get WiFi everywhere in the city and allows you to get the WiFi map of Rome when you are online and browse it even offline, so if there are no available WiFi just around you, you will know where you can find free hotspots.

Wiman Free WiFi App

The easiest way to find Free WiFi just around you: it seamlessly auto-connects your smartphone to the best WiFi in range and you don’t have to do anything, just having the app installed. Thanks to the huge Wiman Community, made of people who share their own WiFi network and connect to WiFi shared by the other users, you can find other Free WiFi nearby in addition to the open ones. Shared WiFi is certainly tested and working. You can also get the WiFi map of Rome when you are online and browse it even offline, in the event that there are no WiFi available just around you. Wiman holds your hand and guides you through the whole WiFi research process by enhancing your travel experience!


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