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Free WiFi worldwide

Meet Wiman Free WiFi App

  • WiFi Auto-connect

    Get automatic Free WiFi access when you need it

  • Free WiFi everywhere

    Get access to over 60 million Free WiFi worldwide

  • Save your gigabytes

    Power your apps with Free WiFi and get unlimited data

  • Offline WiFi Maps

    Download WiFi maps to browse them offline

Maria De Jesus

.....😱..gasp* Finally found something useful!

Rupal Choudhary

Am Amazed Love this app and can't stop telling my friends and family about this! Loved this app. Very, very useful!

Smitesh Kharat

Great Design Excellent job on the app! The design is really commendable and the app has a lot of useful features.

dennis jackson

Wiman So useful in everyday applications. Free makes it better!😀