Mobile Free WiFi Worldwide.

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Mobile Free WiFi worldwide

  • WiFi Auto-connect

    Get automatic Free WiFi access when you need it

  • Free WiFi everywhere

    Get access to over 60 million Free WiFi worldwide

  • Save your gigabytes

    Power your apps with Free WiFi and get unlimited data

  • Offline WiFi Maps

    Take WiFi maps with you everywhere

Wiz Monte

Wow! This app is so dope! Its really useful and easy to use. Kudos to the devs.👍

dennis jackson

Wiman So useful in everyday applications. Free makes it better!😀

Maria De Jesus

.....😱..gasp* Finally found something useful!

Smitesh Kharat

Great Design Excellent job on the app! The design is really commendable and the app has a lot of useful features.